First placement!

Age: 23
Stage: Year one student nurse, first trimester, month 2/36
Weight: Too much still, but I am in talks with a person trainer (doesn’t that sound fancy and adult?!)
Employment: Part-time. Working on the nursing floor of a residential care-home
Ya’ll should check out: NOT FOR USE AT WORK, but this Beauty and the Beast-inspired watch is GORGEOUS;
Listening to: “Gaston” – Josh Gad, Luke Evans, et al.

In Freshers’ Week when my tutors talked about my first placement, it seemed like a very long way away. It’s now not seeming like such a long way away, and Lord, the panic is beginning to set it.

This blogging is going to be made more difficult by virtue of the concept of confidentiality. I cannot tell you what hospital my placement is at, or any defining features about it. The only thing I’m okay to say (I think) is that it’s a ward, and it’s not that local to where I live.

I went to meet my mentors yesterday, and was 100% okay until I stepped onto the ward. Then it suddenly became very real. Imagine an AA meeting, but for commitmentphobes. “Hi, my name is                   , and I freak out when things get real”. Things don’t get much more real as a first-year student nurse than finding yourself on a ward.

My mentors are lovely. I have two, and I feel very lucky about it. My establishment dictates that you have to spend a certain percentage working with your mentor, but my mentors are having none of it. They tell me that I will be with one or both of them at all time. My main mentor also tells me that I will be thrown in at the deep end, but she says this with a smile. I’m completely okay with that, I’ll faff around in the shallow end for ages otherwise. It’s just who I am as a person. I’m a work in progress, what can I say?

I work as a healthcare assistant on the weekends, and my mentor asked me if I wanted to maybe work with the other healthcare assistants instead of one of the nurses. This was one of those video game moments where I could see dialogue boxes and options. Option A – hard, but doable. I can use a hoist, I can do personal care, I can feed. Option B – harder. Unchartered territory, injections, catheter-care, etc. The pixelated avatar with big glasses and a messy fringe extends a clunky hand and clicks option B. My mentor smiles again, and I know I’ve made the right choice. Well, for now. Watch this space – I’ll be running for the hills in five weeks time.

So here I sit. Anxious and anticipating, and I still have nearly a month to go before I even start! Never let it be said I’m not prepared.

P.S. Honestly go and watch Beauty and the Beast, it’s so wonderful, and so much fun.


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