Notes and thoughts on international placements


Age: 23
Stage: Year one student nurse, first trimester
Weight: 5 pounds lighter than the last time I posted, yay!
Employment: Part-time. Working on the nursing floor of a residential care-home
Ya’ll should check out: This really pretty Littmann stethoscope I found on Amazon, I seriously want it quite badly
Listening to: The pounding in my own head because I’ve got a filthy cold

Hi ya’ll, me again. So we had a lecture today about the potential for international placements in our second year, and I’m still not fully sure how I feel about it. I was always really gutted about the fact I was not able to study abroad as part of my first undergraduate degree, and swore if I got the opportunity to I would go. It would be around October time in 2018. The shorter option includes a 2 week placement which would be observation only.

There’s another option called “Work The World”, which seems to focus on countries that are still developing (I can’t find the politically-correct term to use for this – if you know what it is, please drop me a message), and I’m not overly sure of this. I really want to avoid the whole “white saviour” aspect, BUT I do think it would be really interesting and beneficial to see how a healthcare system works in a different country/continent.

There is a free place available to undertake a bespoke placement with Work The World. One University of Brighton student is awarded a 2 week scholarship (across nursing AND midwifery). The scholarship doesn’t pay for the flight, but it does pay for transport, food, and accommodation.
Direct any questions to 

International modules in curriculum in year 2:

4 week module (International Nursing elective, with placement)

6 or 12 week module with placement


Extended international nursing elective
1. 12 week placement in Europe (supported by Erasmus), adult field in Denmark (Aarhus) or Sweden (Boräs) – estimated cost approximately £1,000
2. 6 week placement to University of Monash, Melbourne, Australia – estimated cost approximately £3,000/£4,000

Things to consider, a.k.a. let’s be realistic right now
Are my grades good enough? Okay, realistically I can pull my weight in regards to grades, so this is the aspect I’ll be worrying about least. 
Can I fund it? This is a BIG concern of mine, right now I’m relying on funding, family support, and a trust fund my grandparents set up for my in order to finance everything. Can I really afford to go swanning off to a different country, where realistically I could just save, knuckle down, and maybe be able to afford the deposit for a flat by the time I qualify?
Do I have the recommendation of my personal tutor? Okay, OKAY, confession time, I haven’t ACTUALLY TECHNICALLY emailed my personal tutor yet. I KNOW I need to, it’s just the last couple of weeks have been kind of hectic, you know? Come on, give me a break. I’ll do it tonight, okay?
Do I think I’d be a good ambassador for the university? Dependent on the country of choice. I know there are a lot of places that are not super-cool with the whole queer/tattoo thing, so I think I would have to tread very carefully for my own safety, but also for the reputation of the establishment. 
Am I competitive enough for the interview selection? In a word? No. I’m not at all competitive. I’m getting better at the whole “selling yourself” thing, but I still really don’t like doing, feels kind of like an ego trip to me. I think I’d have to train myself up in order to come across as well as I’d need to in the interview process.
Can I be away from home for up to 3 months? My only concerns regarding this are my grandmother’s health, and the fact that my little sister will be in her second year of medical school (she’s recently been offered a place – exciting, right?). I endeavour to be there for her as much as I can, and realistically if I went away there’s only so much I can support her.

I think, in summary, there’s a lot I need to think about before I make any decisions. This is probably a really good thing as it’s a weighty concept that needs a lot of thought.  
That being said, the photo I used for this post is a beach in Australia – isn’t it gorgeous?! It’s called Lizard Island, and it’s in Queensland.


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