We call upon the author to explain

About the author

Emerald, 23, Hove, studying at the University of Brighton. Did a degree in Creative and Professional Writing, and then a Masters in Gender Studies. Halfway through the latter (and whilst applying for PhDs), I realised I didn’t want to be an academic.

I was working as a funeral arranger at the time (job’s a job ya’ll), and I basically had a chat with our embalmer who asked me why I was waiting around to do nursing when it was clearly what I wanted to do. She was a lovely lady, and she’s also recently been knuckle-deep in someone’s chest, so I elected to listen to her. I applied through clearing and managed to score an interview. I was so, SO nervous, but I did it! Passed the numeracy test (had a bit of a mental block against maths, working through it now) and then after the interview found out I’d got a place! Beyond excited.

Nursing is the only thing in my life that’s ever felt right, and it’s exciting to be settling into a role that fits me. I work part-time in a care-home, started to gain experience, and stayed because I kinda love it a bit? If you’d have told me three years ago, or even one year ago that I’d be doing this, I 100% wouldn’t have believed you, but I’m so glad to be on this path.


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