Call the nurse?

Age: 23
Stage: Year one student nurse, first trimester
Weight: Too much, getting on the Weight Watchers hype while I study/work
Employment: Part-time. Working on the nursing floor of a residential care-home
Ya’ll should check out: GlitterSips on Etsy, photo as featured image and link at the bottom of this post
Listening to: Dessa “Congratulations”

So I’ve been thinking over the last week about the role of a nurse. I think it really hit me last week on Friday, we were learning the practical skill of CPR and suddenly I had that lightning bolt moment of “oh god, I won’t be calling a nurse, I’ll BE a nurse”.

I hadn’t really even contemplated how much it meant to me to be able to help others. I look around my class, and I see people who are scared, but mostly people who want to help. I see 18 year-olds who have just moved out of home and who are terrified and a bit lost, but they’re doing it because they have a drive. I see parents with kids both young and grown, who are doing it because they want to make their lives better. I respect the hell out of my class-mates, even though I don’t know a lot about many of them.

My placements don’t start until April, and I’m so stoked to find out more about it closer to the time. Initially, I thought because I already work at a care-home I didn’t want to do a placement there, but now I realise there’s no such thing as too much experience. I can’t wait to learn as much as I can, and never stop learning. It seems from what they’ve been teaching us so far that I’ll never have to stop. This feels so right. Living in a basement flat by the sea with my best friend and becoming a nurse. Without jinxing it, life is pretty great right now.

GlitterSips nurse mason jar:


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